Delivery Information

An order from can ship from anywhere in the world directly to you! Read on to learn more about our Shipping Policies and process.

  • Shipping Methods
  • Shipping Times
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Lost or Stolen Orders

Shipping Methods merchants may offer a number of different shipping methods depending on the item and your location. 
Here’s a list of the shipping methods we currently offer: 

  1. Standard Shipping
  2. 3 Day Delivery
  3. Ship to Store

Keep in mind that when shipping orders from one country to another using Standard shipping, some orders will be handed over to your local carrier for the final leg of delivery.

However, some merchants will generally choose an economical shipping option that may not be tracked based on the store's location, the shipping address, and the size of the order. 

Can you ship to my PO Box? 

Stores are able to ship to P.O. Boxes.
However, there may be some types of items that can only be delivered to physical addresses.
Large products, valuables, or items shipped via carriers such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS may require a physical mailing address or signature confirmation to be successfully delivered. 

Shipping Times

When viewing an item listing, you'll see the Estimated Delivery Date Range.

It’s important to keep in mind that you may see larger delivery timelines than you're used to from other e-commerce websites.
This is due to items that may be coming from another country!

Additionally, outside factors, such as current events or shipping carrier delays, may change the actual arrival date of your item. 
To learn more about how shipping and delivery estimate ranges are calculated, check out this link here
After an order is successfully placed, you'll receive an order confirmation email that will outline the estimated processing time for your order. Orders typically take up to 7 days to be processed and shipped.

You'll receive a shipment notification email that will provide you with the Estimated Delivery Date Range for each item once they ship. You can also view this date range under each item in your Order History. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Delivery for each item in your order is protected by our Refund Policy.
If your order hasn’t arrived by the Refund Eligible date indicated in your Order History, please contact us and we’ll refund you in full. 

Lost or Stolen Orders

If your order has been marked ‘Delivered’ before it’s actually arrived, there’s no need to panic. Oftentimes, shippers will make the mistake of ‘delivering’ an item a day before it makes it to its destination.

However, in the chance that your order was marked ‘Delivered’ and it still hasn’t turned up after a couple of days, here’s a few things to check: 

  1. Check the delivery address In some instances, the carrier may have delivered the package to the wrong address or marked the package as  ‘Delivered’ when it arrived at your local sorting center.
  2. Check your surrounding areas. The carrier may have left your package in a hidden area near your door to keep it from being stolen.
  3. Check with your family, friends, or roommates. If your packages are being shipped to your home, someone you live with may have accepted the delivery on your behalf.
  4. Check with your neighbors or your front desk. The package may have accidentally been delivered to your neighbor’s address. In some instances, your neighbors may take your package in for safekeeping until you’ve arrived home.
  5. Check with your local post office or the carrier. If your package is being delivered by your local postal service, check to see if your package is being held at the post office. Alternatively, if your package is being delivered by a private shipping carrier (e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc.), check to see if your package is being held at one of their nearby locations.

Shipping Countries

Bosnia And Herzegovina
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Great Britain
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
San Marino
South Africa
South Korea
U.s. Virgin Islands
United States Of America

Are there any items that can’t be shipped to my country because they are restricted?

Merchants are obligated to follow applicable laws, including those specific to customs and border control agencies of the countries they ship to. They also have access to tools in Wish that can limit or restrict items from the marketplace based on the customer’s country laws.

If you are still unsure about an item, we encourage you to review your country’s laws and regulations regarding imported products before making a purchase.

How much does shipping cost?

Since items may ship from multiple merchants, shipping costs are applied separately per item and not per order. Shipping costs vary and depend on the size, weight, and destination of your order. You can view the shipping cost per item in your cart at checkout.

Stores choose the best way to send their items and may ship your items in separate packages or all together in one.

Why did the price of shipping change when I added the item to my cart?

When you add an item to your cart the price and shipping shouldn’t change, but there are some rare exceptions:

  1. Updated shipping address information: 
    - Shipping prices can vary depending on where you ship an item. Sometimes we’ll need to update the shipping price once you’ve entered updated shipping information.
    - Some countries also have taxes. We do our best to include taxes upfront, but this might change prices and shipping once the shipping address is updated.
  2. Changing market conditions over time
    - Prices and shipping can change due to market conditions changing throughout the day.
       If you’ve been looking at an item for a while or it’s been sitting in your cart for an extended period of time,  the price and shipping may increase or decrease.
    - Merchants may update their costs, which will change the price and shipping for an item based on supply and demand.